A Rough Time

We all go through difficult times. Going through them “well” is the challenge. Scripture has much to say about how we are to respond to the difficulties and trials of this life. Whether our difficulty is physical, spiritual, relational, occupational, or...

The Unspoken Issue (Part 2)

In the first blog, we discussed a preliminary inner thought process of someone with an eating disorder. We will discover what an eating disorder actually is and define different disorders. Eating disorders include extreme thoughts, behaviors and emotions about eating,...

Happy (Belated) Birthday

Several weeks ago, the counseling center completed its 16th year of ministry. It is wonderful to see how this ministry has been a fulfillment of a vision for ministry dating back to the church’s long-range plan in the early 1990s. It was envisioned that the counseling...

Gardening & Marriage: Reevaluating Marital Priorities

In my last blog “Gardening and Marriage”, I discussed how blossom end rot is a term that is not only used for gardening but can also be applied to many marriages. The main thrust in that blog was centered on the mistakes I unknowingly made as I planted my tomato...

Gardening & Marriage

Today on my way to work I started thinking about what I was going to plant in my garden this spring. One of my favorite things to plant is tomato plants. Last year I planted 42 tomato plants and was so excited about the fruit that it was going to produce. As the...

Anxiety: How Did this Happen?

In my last article, "Anxiety: A Sign of the Times", I discussed the difference between anxiety, fear, and worry. I also pointed out how anxiety can serve an adaptive function. Like pain, anxiety can alert us to danger and motivate us to take corrective action. When...

Anxiety: A Sign of the Times

One estimate is that over 35 million Americans suffer from an anxiety disorder. Some speculate that this is because we live in such stressful times; that many of us live in a constant state of being overwhelmed. Regardless of the causes, anxiety is a common problem...

The Unspoken Issue (Part 1)

Have you ever sat with a friend, talking over dinner but your focus is not on the conversation? Your mind is not just wandering, but is rather fixated on one thing on the table. Maybe you stare at the bread basket in the middle, as you think about not eating more than...

Living with Difficult People (Part 2)

Living with a difficult person can be really difficult. Often our focus is to avoid or endure that person. The truth is that when I live engaged in a healthy way with that person, I am actually loving that person and in some ways helping him. In my previous post I...

Through the Stained Glass

First Presbyterian Church is a beautiful, historic church with excellent teaching and I am blessed to be able to worship there. One Sunday, I was sitting in Church and glanced over at the stained glass windows. I have always thought the windows were very pretty but...


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