Happy Holidays: Myth or Reality?

Happy Holidays: Myth or Reality?

How do you answer that question?  Are the holidays a time of rejoicing, gratitude, and giving?  Or, are they a time of pressure, stress, and expectations?  The holiday season provides a break, a distraction, from the rhythm of life.  That break can...

Bullying: Yes, it can happen to your child.

Bullying: Yes, it can happen to your child.

Were you bullied as a child? Statistics suggest that one in four of those reading this article have been. I was. My bullying was at the hands of Mike and his friends. It occurred when I was in the 7th grade, new to the school and he was a year older. I was a shy,...

Surviving Middle School and Middle Schoolers

Surviving Middle School and Middle Schoolers

I was recently talking to a group of parents and I asked the question; “What comes to mind when you think about parenting young adolescents/middle schoolers?”   Survival!  That was the answer.  For many families, this is true.  The middle...

Overcoming the Stress of a Pandemic

Article first written for First Presbyterian Church Last week in this column, I wrote about the stress of a pandemic and the idea that resilience is the ability to withstand and bounce back from such stress.  Resilience is about coping with and overcoming stress. ...

The Stress of a Pandemic

This article was first written for First Presbyterian Church Greetings from the Christian Counseling Center of First Presbyterian Church.  As I write this, I am grateful for technology.  Almost 5 weeks ago, when the first recommendations for social distancing...

Fall is in the Air

The following article was published in "First Things" for First Presbyterian Church. It is that time of year.  All of the indicators that summer is ending and that fall is quickly approaching are upon us.  School is beginning, football is here, the church’s fall...

Soul Wounds

Attach: Join, put together, connect. Abandon: Throw away, dispose of, dump. Abandonment and Attachment…two important words that affect our ability to have relationships. In his book "Why You Do the Things You Do", Tim Clinton says that the following questions point to...

All Things for Good

Some people I meet with have been so unspeakably abused by others, it is almost impossible for them or me to grasp how something so horrific could a) be allowed by God and b) be used for good. Thomas Watson, a 17th Century writer who wrote the little book, All Things...

Postpartum Depression: It’s OK to not be OK

Postpartum Depression: It’s OK to not be OK

“It will be the happiest time in your life.” “You will feel nothing but unconditional love.” “Don’t worry, being a mother will just come naturally.” These are very common phrases that moms-to-be often hear as they near the birth of their baby. Although these comments...



Earlier this week, my one year-old daughter was playing with a toy on the bed. I watched her pick up the toy, throw it off the bed onto the floor, and then in an attempt to retrieve the toy, dive headlong after it over the side of the bed. Totally unafraid of the fall...


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