Client needing Counseling Assistance Funds: 

“I just wanted to share my bit of my story, on how the counseling assistance program was/is a lifesaver for me, as well as my family. I had just begun counseling as a result of some major life changes myself & family are going thru, when to add to the already hard place we had found ourselves in, our homes income changed drastically for the negative. Obviously we were gonna have to adjust our outgoing funds to only necessities. Unfortunately that would include the counseling sessions, that I really needed now more than ever. But we do what we have to do. So when I told my counselor she told me of this program that they had, that could help for times such as this. I am truly THANKFUL for this program! It has been a God send to my family. Thank you”

Client walking through healing post COVID-19: 

“…I spent over a month suffering from COVID-19 and the trauma associated with mechanical ventilation, ICU delirium, and isolation from family and friends left me needing help, not only physically, but mentally as well. 

The day after being released from the hospital, I called your center for help and I am so glad that I did. As a pastor, it is much easier for me to share my joy, but not my sorrows, my strength, but not my weakness, my faith, but not my fears. However, over the last year I have learned to trust that it was God who placed you in my life to help strengthen me for His service. I am so grateful for my therapist who uses a variety of techniques which have helped me begin to heal and move forward. 

The counselor has a wonderful gift for listening to what is said and inquiring as to what is not said. She is tremendously knowledgeable in her field and insightful, and I feel like the Holy Spirit leads our conversations and her care for me. She displays careful discernment, compassion, empathy, humor, and patience that makes our time together safe, sacred, fruitful and healing. Her encouragement, warmth, faithfulness, and genuine Christian love for what she does and the God she serves makes her a blessing to me as I continue to heal.” 

New awareness for client:

“It may sound cliche that this experience has been life changing but thankfully it has. After several years of living life on auto pilot and exhausted from anxious thought and negative self talk, I finally came to the realization that I didn’t want to live that way anymore and I needed help to make that change. 

Digging into the main source of my anxiety and learning tools to be able to manage my anxiety has allowed me to take my life back. 

More energy and awareness of and interest in the world going on around me, better relationships, and an understanding that stress happens and anxiety is a legitimate thing but it doesn’t have to control my life. 

I’m so thankful for the gospel centered counseling … and thankful that places like The Christian Counseling Center exist.” 

Grateful client of Therapist:

“Thank you for being a safe place to process, for making me feel known and understood and cared for. It makes the pre-game jitters I experience on the way there easier to deal with and less intense.”

Sexual trauma client: 

“I really appreciate the work we got to do together. It really was so freeing to talk about everything that I thought was holding me back was just something I needed to own and stop and process and actually feel what was going on. I often use the farmhouse analogy… and the soda pop bottle analogy as well. The things you have taught me are also helping the people that surround me. Looking back on all the things that I was able to journey through is beautiful to look at, and it makes me excited for this next season. The things we worked on and the faith that has been sown got me through a really stressful period.”

A client who worked for a toxic, unhealthy boss. 

“My counselor empowered me and helped me realize my value and worth. I left my job and am know working for a boss that values me and encourages me to have boundaries and not make work the central focus of my life. I am a different person because of the staff at FPCCC!”

A client that participates in our group therapy sessions: 

“Group therapy is difficult, but worth the effort in healing and recovery. Dee Parlato is an amazing counselor.”

Grateful client of Staff Psychiatrist:

“Dr. McGee is amazing! She has helped me more than any doctor I have ever seen for my bi-polar depression. I thank God for her everyday.”

A first-time psychiatric client: 

“Dr. McGee and her staff were very professional and compassionate, making my initial visit a very pleasant one. She was very attentive and caring as well as knowledgeable of issues related to bipolar.”

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