Psychiatric Services


This page is for health professionals only. If you are not a health professional and wish to request a psychiatric appointment, please print the Psychiatric Referrals Form below and have your current psychiatrist or primary care physician fill it out. For questions or assistance, please call us at 803-779-1995 during regular business hours.

Psychiatric Referrals Form (PDF)

For Potential Patients: Please print the attached form for your current primary care physician or psychiatrist to submit. Forms not submitted from a provider will be discarded.

For Providers: If you wish to fax records, please use the attached form as your cover sheet. Do not submit records without this form.

Electronic Referral Form

Providers may sumbit referrals electronically by using the form below. Records are secured and protected using the highest standard required by HIPPA. If you have any questions on how to use this form, please call us at 803-779-1995.