COVID-19 Update

As we have continued to monitor the spread of the COVID-19, it has become apparent that we should rethink our plans for Counseling and Psychiatric services. The designation of a pandemic by the World Health Organization, the growing concern for how the virus spreads, and the continued escalation of reported cases require us to take additional action.

Our medical counsel has advised that we heed warnings for close contact with each other and practice “social-distancing.” Therefore, we are replacing all in-person counseling with Telehealth or phone counseling until April 3rd, at which time we will re-evaluate. All groups will be suspended until April 3rd.

Telehealth is a HIPPA compliant and secure form of video to video counseling (it works similar to Skype or FaceTime) between the client and their provider. All that is required of the client is internet access and a phone, laptop, or tablet. Your provider will email you a link to the “virtual waiting room” for you to login to at the time of your session.

Telehealth is covered by most insurance plans. Your provider will answer more specific questions when they contact you. Clients can contact their insurance providers and inquire about coverage for Telehealth.

While we hope to begin providing in person sessions again after April 3rd, we will wait for more information from authorities before reopening our office. The safety of our clients and staff is paramount. Please check our website or with your counselor for updates. If you would like to schedule a session with one of our counselors, please call us at 803-779-1995 or request an appointment online at

During these times of uncertainty, we must recognize that God is ultimately a God of love and a refuge to whom we can turn for help. As humans, we also are made for connection and relationship. Let us be grateful for technological advances that allow us to remain in contact while keeping physical distance. Our commitment to providing the highest quality of Christian Counseling remains as we attempt to carry out our mission in these unusual times. Thank you for confidence in us and for your support.

-Dr. Thomas Barbian
Executive Director