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Boundaries Intensive Workshop

The Boundaries Workshop is a 10-hour therapy experience designed to lay a foundation for understanding the basic concepts of boundary setting. While the book “The Boundaries” by Dr.’s Henry Cloud and John Townsend is the basis for the workshop, the workshop is not a class or book study, but instead a therapy group. It provides clarity on what a boundary is, why they need to be set and adhered to, myths of boundary setting, what resistances to expect as one begins to set healthy boundaries, etc.

What is a “boundary”?
In essence, a boundary is a property line. In terms of interpersonal relating, it is a dividing line that indicates where one person ends and another begins. Knowing what you are responsible for and what you are not responsible for is paramount to healthy interpersonal relating. Almost all of the problems that bring people in for counseling have a boundary weakness or violation at their core. A boundary also protects things of value.

The Need for Boundaries
The human heart has incredible value. Our gifts, dreams, hopes, motivations, gifts, feelings and more find their source in our heart. And from these treasures flow our attitudes and behaviors. But even more importantly, the heart of man is the one place where God wishes to dwell. The heart of man is his gift to God. Healthy boundaries protect the heart of man which allow him to love better.

Sadly, many Christians do not know the value of their own hearts. They do not know how to cultivate or protect this most priceless of treasures that is foundational to a transformed life. Out of ignorance, fear or misunderstanding, they fail to protect themselves from damaging relationships with others who do not value their heart. Boundaries are about owning and living from the heart God personally gave you. Attending a Boundaries group will help you to value your own heart in practical and biblical ways.

About the Workshop
Though there is a large teaching component to the group, therapy is happening throughout the workshop. The group facilitator uses psychodynamic, experiential and cognitive-behavioral therapeutic interventions in the group sessions. You will be expected to share your own experiences regarding boundary-setting problems and to engage in group discussion and exercises. Volunteers will be invited to assist the facilitator to illustrate concepts presented in group. Clinical content of the Boundaries material is fully integrated into a Christian worldview, the perspective from which this workshop is sourced.

This workshop takes place over two sessions on the same weekend; Friday session 6-9:00pm and Saturday Session 8:00am-3:00pm. The group, comprised of no more than ten people, is a mix of male and female participants over the age of 18. Participants must attend both sessions on the same weekend and are required to attend a one-time consultation session with the group facilitator in advance of the workshop. This session is for building rapport between participant and therapist and to determine if the workshop is appropriate for the participant. The facilitator will also discuss briefly particular boundary setting problems you are having in this session. The fee for this consult is separate from the fee for the group (see facilitator for present individual session fee). To schedule a consultation session, please contact Dee Parlato (group facilitator) at 803-779-1995.

About Boundaries
The “Boundaries” material is scripture based and was developed by Dr.’s Henry Cloud and John Townsend, both Christian Psychologists, each with over 30 years of clinical experience. Other books by these authors include Boundaries for Teens, Boundaries in Marriage, Raising Great Kids, God Will Make a Way and Safe People. For a complete list of resources by these two authors go to or visit them on their New Life Ministries website. Broadcasts of their talk show New Life Live can also be listened to at the New Life website.

We offer a variety of specific groups for people with different struggles.

Boundaries Intensive Workshop

The Boundaries Workshop is a 10-hour therapy experience designed to lay a foundation for understanding the basic concepts of boundary setting.

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